Monday, December 28, 2009



puncak gng kinabalu=)


tp x nmpk suasana menyeluruh sbb kabus tebal sgt(-_-)

tp sonok juge^_^alhamdulillah masih diberi peluang melihat keindahan alam ciptaan-Nya

this turtle r so special..

they can say what people hard or refuse to say even though they wanna mention it..that is:"muuuaahhhh...i love u"

pika..a (jinak2 merpati bak kata pepatah) girl,it's a time when we just playing around while waiting 4 d time to check in, to departure from kk 2 kl, i've caught her, suddenly she rise her hand,n i bow a bit to hear what she wanna said, with a smile on her face, i heard a voice said, muuuuaaahh...i love cames from a lil turtle that she put on my sweet=)

pika-a girl in an orange blouse(pity her as she know she just an adopted child while she just a lil girl)

smoga sentiasa kuat adik kecik..jgn nakal2..

da lil turtle is still in her left hand=)

smoga sentiasa berada dalam perlindungan Allah,ameen~

itu syak bha..abis sudah..

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