Sunday, July 18, 2010


welcome 2 new environment...with new spirit..insya Allah...=)

nice n refreshing view...=)subhanallah...
luv to stay in such wonderful surrounding..
thx to HIM...alhamdulillah..

with mates from nilai..we've studied together..
alhamdulillah that we make it to Gombak together..
this is just some of us..there's always others who not in da pic..
some of them had taken d short sems b4..n make it to Gombak earlier than us..

n this is half of d manual form to add new subject that u cannot add it through online..
whether because d section is closed..or u hv some problem with d internet..
u can hv this form at d general office of ur department..if i'm not mistaken..
n when it had been confirmed, take it to ur dept comp lab..they will add it for u..
wahidah,hazirah n nasuha
thx to them a lot...
for lending their hands n head to me..=)
may Allah bless u=)
ain n nor..
from smakl to Gombak..
nice to meet ya all da way..
bittaufiq wannajah 'ala kulli hal...
n to all ma frens..may u'll always b strong to face d future..
keep it up girls..let strive 4 it..
with Allah's will


silentdreamer said...

kem salam kt ain n nor
all the best menempuh dunia baru
moga kita lebih dekat dgnNya
dgn adanya teman2 di sisi

rndu la kt korg!!

aAb'sz0ne said...

take care kt sne.. :)

insani said...


insya Allah...
bittaufiq wannajah 'ala kullihal aidon..
rndu jge kt awk..=)
t kte btau diorg awk kem slm k..
take care..

insani said...


thx..awk jge..
take care dsne..
take care kengkwn kte yg len jge ye musyrifah..;)
all da best in everythin u do..
ameen~ =)